Please contact us before initiating any returns or refunds and let us know the reason.

Upon receiving your request, we will review it within 1 business day and contact you once the review is complete.

To qualify for a return or refund, please ensure that the product is unused and in the original condition as received.

Please make sure that the item you wish to return is in its original packaging. We do not accept returns or exchanges for items that have been damaged upon receipt.

Makeup and skincare products are considered personal consumable items and cannot be returned once opened.

For hygiene purposes, intimate items such as swimwear, underwear, socks, camisoles, inner pants, and shapewear cannot be returned.

Minor issues such as loose threads, slight fraying, minor stains, 2-3cm size differences, screen color variations, and unopened buttonholes are within acceptable international inspection standards and are not considered defects.

To be eligible for a refund, you must provide proof of purchase for the item.

Each order is eligible for one return or exchange.

Once we receive your returned item, we will inspect it, and notify you of the status of your return/refund.

If an item is out of stock after payment, we will contact you to inquire if you want to retain the amount as store credit or choose an alternative item. If a refund is requested, a processing fee of RM1 will be deducted.

If your refund is approved, we will initiate a refund to your provided payment method. You will receive the refunded amount within 7 working days, depending on your bank's processing time.

Return Shipping Cost:

You will be responsible for all return shipping fees.

We are not responsible for any lost packages during the return shipment process.


退货 / 退款时请先联络我们,让我们知道原因

依申请次日起1 个工作天内我们将审核,通过审核后会联络您

若要符合指定退货/ 退款条件,请您务必确保商品是没有被使用过;并且维持您商品接收时的原有状态

请再次确定您所要退款的商品必须是保留于原包装。 若我们收到时发现己遭破坏者,恕不接受退换货

※ 彩妆保养品属于私人消耗性产品,一经拆封使用,恕不接受退货

※ 基于个人卫生考量,贴身商品(如比基尼、内衣裤、袜类、小可爱、内搭裤、塑身衣裤),恕不接受退货

※ 线头、轻微脱线、极小污点、尺寸2~3cm误差、屏幕色差、扣眼未开,在国际验货标准皆属可接受的范围,故非瑕疵



一旦收到您的退货 / 退款商品,我们将会进行商品检验;并在结束检验后将会通知您有关退货退款接收状况

凡是已付款后没货,我们会联络您询问是否保留金额或换商品。 如果要求退款,我们会收手续费RM1

若您的退款被批准,我们将会退回相关款项至您提供的退款方式。 您将会收到相关款项在7个工作天退款,详细天数则依据不同的银行而有所不同